The Added Benefits of Your Benefits

We all know the value of having good health insurance benefits. However, many people neglect to realize that their ‘benefits’ extend way past just coverage for preventative care or major medical and dental expenses, with a lot of people not taking advantage of everything their plan offers. It’s not just about paying the bulk of your doctor visit and lab test bills; your plan can actually help you save money while getting or staying healthy.

Call your health insurer or check their website to see if your health plan offers services like these, maybe even at a cheaper rate or for no extra cost:

Discounts: Some plans offer discounts for health and wellness products and services, like gym memberships, massage sessions, or LASIK surgery.

Dispatch Health: Say goodbye to uncomfortable waiting room and get quality urgent care in the comfort of your own home with Dispatch Health, who has partnered with major carriers such as United, Humana, Aetna and many more to ensure your care is covered.Get quality care from a board-certified medical team sent directly to your home after requesting care via app, online or over the phone for conditions such as the flu to sprains and neurological conditions.

Weight Watchers: Some health-insurance plans offer benefits for weight-loss programs, including Weight Watchers, with many companies allowing employees to use wellness credits to get discounts on Weight Watchers subscriptions and meetings.

Nurse Lines: Your health plan may include this benefit, which serves as a way for you and your employees to connect with a medical professional 24/7, 365 days a year. The nurse on the other end of the call will be able to direct you to your next step in care––which is a the most important thing to remember here.

Education: Many plans offer classes and seminars on fitness, nutrition, or other health topics.

Help kicking the habit. Many plans offer quit-smoking coaches, hotlines, support groups, or discounts on products to help you quit smoking.

Disease management: Your plan might offer free counseling, education, and support for people with chronic diseases or mental health issues.

Health coaches and health assessments: Many plans have programs that will offer members free blood pressure, cholesterol, height, weight, and body mass index screenings. Sometimes, you can fill out an in-depth health questionnaire, giving you a more complete view of your overall health. You might even be offered a health coach to help you meet health goals.

Healthy-living rewards: Many plans reward members for being healthy, fit, and well. You might get money for exercising, eating right, or meeting goals.

Screenings and shots: Thanks to health care reform, you don’t have to pay extra for many important cancer screenings and vaccinations. Read more about preventive screenings.

Make the most of your health insurance with these money-saving tips:

Take the freebies: Your vision plan might cover free eyeglasses, and your health plan probably covers an annual flu shot. Don’t forget about those important health screenings that don’t cost you extra. And be sure to look into free classes and programs that your insurer offers.

Pay attention during open enrollment: If you get health insurance through work, you can probably make changes to your benefits only once a year during open enrollment. Take a good look at how much you spent on medical costs in the past, and think about any life changes you might make in the next year (having a baby, for example). You might change your plan or tweak your FSAs and HSAs based on what you discover. Learn more about health care budgeting.

HSA/FSA: Enroll in an FSA or HSA if they’re offered and it makes sense for you. You can save on health care by setting some money aside before you need it. Learn more about FSAs and HSAs.

See doctors in your network. Learn why it costs less to see a doctor who participates with your health plan.

Review Your Statements: The statement from your insurer for treatment you received, also known as an explanation of benefits (EOB), shows the amount the insurance company paid to you or the provider, and the amount you have to pay. Make sure your statements correctly show the treatment you received and any copayments or coinsurance you paid.

Stay well! Living a healthy lifestyle and keeping chronic diseases under control can mean lower health care costs. Learn more about the benefits of being healthy.

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