Teaching your children how to eat healthy

10764481_SWe teach our kids so many different things. One of the most important: An appreciation for eating nutritious foods. Here are some ways to teach kids about the importance of healthy eating:

Eat together. The best thing you can do to help your kids learn to love healthy foods is to eat together. When you eat as a family, you can control what’s being served, and use dinner as a time to introduce your kids to new foods. This is a great opportunity to teach them about nutrition and make sure they are eating their veggies and not just dessert! Even better, get them involved in the preparation of the meal.

Plant a garden. Make this the year to plant a garden. Even if you don’t have a yard, you probably have enough space for a few containers in which you can grow vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers. Many popular vegetables come in ‘patio’ varieties that don’t take much space to grow. What could make kids more excited about eating a cucumber or a tomato than knowing they grew it?

The most important meal of the day. On school mornings, breakfast can get rushed into a protein bar on the go or — worst of all — it can be skipped entirely. But breakfast really is essential, it gives your kids fuel for the day ahead, and gets them thinking about eating healthy right from the start of the morning. Instead of sugary cereals, try whole wheat toast, scrambled eggs and fruit to give them healthy energy all day long.

Do as I say. Set the right example and practice what you preach! Your kids will not want to eat salads if Mommy and Daddy are skipping them. Show them how much you like eating wholesome foods and how good you feel when you do. They will be much more likely to do the same.