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How to Avoid Work Injuries at the Office

How to Avoid Work Injuries at the Office

Work-related injuries aren’t just limited to workers in clearly hazardous jobs. In fact, of the 10 most common work-related injuries seven of them can happen in virtually any kind of work setting. Do you ever see a utility worker on top of a telephone pole or a construction worker balancing on a steel beam high above you, and think that you could never work in such hazardous conditions? While those workers do have more dangerous jobs than you, they may actually be safer than you are in the office. This... Read More

Important Safety Tips to Make the Most of Summer Fun–Infographic

Important Safety Tips to Make the Most of Summer Fun

Summer is here and that means summer sun and summer fun. You don’t want to miss a minute of summer fun so follow these important safety tips to enjoy your summer instead of spending it at the ER.   Burgers, Hot Dogs and Salmonella? Summer is the season of backyard barbecues and spending time outside with family and friends. Independence Day is just around the corner and most of us will find ourselves flipping burgers behind the grill or bringing a container of grandma’s famous potato salad to the party.... Read More

How to Protect Your Network from the WannaCry Ransomware Virus

How to Protect Your Network from WannaCry Ransomware

This week’s news headlines are full of warnings about the WannaCry Ransomware. This Ransomware virus has spread through more than 150 countries and to more than 300,000 people since the end of last week. It’s affected everything from home users to large corporations, small businesses and even caused hospitals in the UK to have to turn away patients and reschedule surgeries. Security experts are working furiously to stop the spread of the virus, track down those responsible and help businesses restore their data. Nobody knows who is behind the attack,... Read More

5 Ways You Can Reduce Work Comp Costs

5 Ways You Can Reduce Work Comp Costs

Have you experienced an increase in your workers’ compensation costs over the last couple of years? How have you dealt with it? Many companies, when they experience an increase in work comp costs try to reduce work comp costs by having a safety meeting and reminding employees of safety procedures and policies. But the key to a real reduction in both work comp injury costs and insurance premiums is doing more than just reminding employees to be safe. Having a strong, sound safety program that all team members follow can... Read More

How to Avoid Accidents on Ice and Snow

How to Avoid Accidents on Ice and Snow

Winter is in full swing, and for most of us that means ice and snow. While we prefer to focus on winter fun, winter is also a season of additional hazards not faced at other times of the year. The same ice and snow that makes skiing, snowboarding and ice skating possible, creates hazardous driving and walking conditions that can lead to slips, falls and dangerous travel. To keep winter fun and avoid serious injury, you need to know how to avoid accidents on ice and snow. What can you... Read More

Be Prepared: Do You Have A Business Disaster Plan?

businesses damaged after a storm

Have you prepared your business for the unthinkable? How will your business survive a fire, flood, tornado, blizzard or hailstorm? What about a workday disaster that leaves your staff stranded at the office? Chances are you’ve thought about protecting your business against theft, employee accidents or even a cyber breach (if you haven’t, stop reading and call us right now at 303-721-1145—you need help!) But most businesses don’t have an emergency management plan in place. Did you know that according to FEMA, 40 percent of businesses will not survive a... Read More

Is Your Business Prepared for a Flood?

Is Your Business Prepared for a Flood

September is National Preparedness Month. In Colorado, this September is also the third anniversary of the greatest floods in Colorado history. Parts of Colorado received up to 17 inches of rain over a four day period, nearly equal to the annual precipitation of some affected areas. Flood waters spread over an area of almost 200 miles and affected 17 counties. In addition to thousands of homes damaged or destroyed, nearly 1000 businesses were also damaged or destroyed. Many of those businesses never recovered. While we would like to think it... Read More

10 Ways to Prevent Cyber Attacks

10 ways to prevent cyber attacks

High-profile cyber attacks on companies such as Target and Sears have raised awareness of the growing threat of cyber crime. Recent surveys conducted by the Small Business Authority, and several leading cyber security companies suggest that many small business owners are still operating under a false sense of cyber security. There are many things you can do to prevent cyber attacks in your business and businesses of every size need to be protected. The statistics of these studies are grim; the vast majority of U.S. small businesses lack a formal Internet... Read More

How to Work Safely in the Summer Heat

how to work safely in the summer heat

If you’re an outdoor worker, you know summer has arrived—and it’s hot out there. While everyone needs to be mindful when working or playing outdoors, those who have jobs that keep them out in the sun and heat all day need to know how to work safely in the summer heat and what precautions to take against excessive exposure to sun, heat and bug bites during the summer months. Here are a few tips for staying safe and healthy while working in the heat outdoors this summer.   Avoiding Tick... Read More

9 Tips for Summer Picnic Safety

9 tips for summer picnic safetyy

This weekend is Memorial Day, the unofficial start of the grilling season. Summer is a great time for cookouts, picnics and all kinds of outdoor fun. Don’t let foodborne illness spoil your summer. Follow these 9 tips for summer picnic safety to make sure your next outing doesn’t end with a trip to the emergency room. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling food and utensils. Unless you are planning to picnic the next day or are freezing food, do not prepare meals ahead of time to prevent bacteria growth. Cool... Read More