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Why You Need to Buy Life Insurance Now

life insurance is like a parachute. If you don't have it the first time you it, there's no second chance.

So you’ve put off buying life Insurance and you have all these good reasons: You’re healthy so it’s a waste of money. You can always get it later. Your spouse has an income so life insurance isn’t necessary. You have enough savings and assets. It’s too complicated.   Really? Let’s Take Another Look If you buy life insurance now while you’re young and healthy, you will pay less for it than you will at any future time. If you wait until you are sick to buy life insurance, you’ll pay a very... Read More

4 Reasons You Need Key-Person Insurance Now

4 Reasons You Need Key-Person Insurance Now

Key-Person Insurance is life and/or disability insurance on the critical employees in your company. This could be business partners, executive officers or other key employees upon whom the success of the business depends. If your business isn’t protected, an unexpected injury, illness or death could torpedo the success you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Key-person insurance can protect that success and help keep your doors open. Here are four ways key-person insurance can benefit your company and why you need it today.   Maintain Revenue During a Transition If you... Read More

What is Key-Person Insurance and Why Do I Need it?

Protect key employees with key person insurance

Is there someone at your company—maybe even you—who is essential to the success of your company? Have you ever thought about what would happen to your company if something happens to that key person? Most businesses have at least one key employee who is essential to the company’s success. This person may be a partner, owner, majority stockholder or another individual who is crucial to the business. If this person unexpectedly leaves the company—due to a death or disability—it could make it hard for the company to survive and prosper.... Read More

Seven Easy Ways to Save Money on Life Insurance Policy

Seven Easy Ways to Save Money on Life Insurance Policy

Do you know you need life insurance but put off getting it because you think it’s too expensive? Would knowing there are things you can do to save money on life insurance help get you going? There are some very simple things you can do that will save you money on your life insurance premiums. Here are seven easy ways to save.   Buy Life Insurance Early Buying life insurance while you are young and relatively healthy will cost you much less in premiums than if you wait until you get... Read More

Life Insurance–What You Need to Know

young families need life insurance

Have you thought about life insurance lately? Life insurance? Isn’t that for people who are old and going to die? I don’t need life insurance; I am young and healthy. Life insurance is expensive. Those are the typical responses to the life insurance question. But really, it’s not the right answer. Life insurance isn’t for people who are going to die; it’s for the people you leave behind. Life insurance is not a fun thing to think about—most of us don’t like to be confronted with the reminder that someday we’ll... Read More