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How Will Your Business Survive A Disaster?

How Will Your Business Survive A Disaster

Disaster can strike anytime, anywhere, and often with little or no advance warning. Here in Colorado, we’ve seen disasters of all types in recent years, from natural disasters like floods, fires and tornadoes, to human-caused disasters like accidents and oil spills  According to FEMA and the Insurance Information Institute, as many as 40 percent of businesses forced to suspend operations due to a natural or human-caused disaster never reopen their doors. Have you thought about the challenges and struggles your business would face in the wake of one of these... Read More

What You Need to Know About Professional Liability Insurance

What You Need to Know About Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance, also known as professional indemnity, malpractice, or errors and omissions insurance, is an essential but often overlooked insurance coverage for professionals in many fields. Professional liability insurance covers liability for damages arising out of professional services, whether from the performance of such services—or a lack of proper performance. This insurance covers you and your business from claims not covered by commercial general liability coverage. Professional liability insurance protects professional personnel against negligence claims made by their patients or clients. Professionals who should consider this type of liability... Read More

Do You Know What You Need to Know About Liability Insurance?

Do You Know What You Need to Know About Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is a must for every business. Liability insurance protects your business from loss should you be liable for damage or injury. However, a single liability insurance policy may not cover every possible type of liability. The basic liability insurance policy that every business needs to have is called Commercial General Liability Insurance. Commercial General Liability insurance protects your business from financial loss if you are found liable for property damage, or injury caused by your services, your business operations or your employees. It also covers non-professional negligent acts... Read More

How to Control Work Comp Costs Through Successful Premium Audits

How to Control Work Comp Costs Through Successful Premium Audits

Work Comp can be one of the most expensive and most frustrating of insurance costs for small business owners. There are many ways to control work comp costs, and many insurers and safety experts provide safety training and resources to help reduce injuries. There is another way to control your work comp costs, though, that isn’t talked about as much. And that is to make sure that you’re not paying too much for your coverage to begin with. Besides finding the right work comp insurance company, you also need to... Read More

Serious Workplace Injuries: When Are You Required to Report to OSHA?

Serious Workplace Injuries: When Are You Required to Report to OSHA?

Serious workplace injuries can be complicated. When an employee is seriously injured—or worse–on the job, our priority is usually providing the medical attention they need, reassuring and dealing with other employees and notifying family members when necessary. Making an OSHA report isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH Act) requires covered employers to report certain work-related injuries and illnesses to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA is a part of the U.S. Department of Labor and is... Read More

5 Ways You Can Reduce Work Comp Costs

5 Ways You Can Reduce Work Comp Costs

Have you experienced an increase in your workers’ compensation costs over the last couple of years? How have you dealt with it? Many companies, when they experience an increase in work comp costs try to reduce work comp costs by having a safety meeting and reminding employees of safety procedures and policies. But the key to a real reduction in both work comp injury costs and insurance premiums is doing more than just reminding employees to be safe. Having a strong, sound safety program that all team members follow can... Read More

Position Your Business for Success This Year

Position Your Business for Success this Year

Happy New Year! The holidays have come to an end and now is the time most of us turn our attention to our plans for the year. Have you already set your goals and direction for your business this year? Some business owners had them set months ago and some are still working out the details and direction while they recover from the year-end and holiday rush. Either way, here are three areas to work on if you want to position your business for success this year—and every year.  ... Read More

How to Protect Your Company Against Employment Lawsuits


As a business owner, your goal is to hire the most qualified employees. Unfortunately not every hiring decision goes as planned. Even if an employee is terminated for legitimate reasons— such as poor attendance or unsatisfactory work habits—every termination opens the door for a potential lawsuit. Read one business owner’s experience and then learn how employment practice liability insurance (EPLI) can help protect you and your company from costly, frivolous lawsuits. When Mary, a Colorado business owner, received a complaint that her sales manager made crude, disparaging remarks to a... Read More

Be Prepared: Do You Have A Business Disaster Plan?

businesses damaged after a storm

Have you prepared your business for the unthinkable? How will your business survive a fire, flood, tornado, blizzard or hailstorm? What about a workday disaster that leaves your staff stranded at the office? Chances are you’ve thought about protecting your business against theft, employee accidents or even a cyber breach (if you haven’t, stop reading and call us right now at 303-721-1145—you need help!) But most businesses don’t have an emergency management plan in place. Did you know that according to FEMA, 40 percent of businesses will not survive a... Read More

Umbrella Insurance Brings Peace of Mind for Your Business

roper umbrella

We live and do business today in a litigious society. You may think your biggest business worries are making profits and keeping great employees. Consider the possibility, however, that a customer is injured by one of your products. What could happen? A devastating lawsuit with exponential damages and a ruined reputation. While it’s difficult to protect against a ruined reputation, commercial umbrella insurance purchased in addition to your standard commercial general liability (CGL) policies can help protect you from the expenses of a lawsuit. Most CGL policies have an aggregate or... Read More