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Employee Attraction and Retention Strategies for the Millennial Generation

Finding and retaining talented employees alone can be a continual challenge for small business owners, however, it can be particularly challenging to attract millennial employees. According to a 2018 Pew Research Center report analyzing U.S. Census data, the millennial generation includes 56 million Americans who make up 35 percent of the nation’s workforce, It is projected that the number of millennials in the workforce will only continue to increase, with some estimates projecting they’ll make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2028. It’s no secret that millennials are the... Read More

2019’s Best Work Perks

Looking to attract and retain today’s top talent? We’ve compiled a list of today’s best benefits and work perks that are attracting the best and brightest. How does your company compare? Work perks that promote financial wellness There is data that shows employees have experienced significant decreases in the purchasing power of their paychecks over the past decade, which is largely due to rapidly rising health care costs. Regardless of the reason, wages just aren’t keeping up with inflation. As a result, many employees find themselves in distressingly tight financial... Read More

Accident Insurance: What Is it and What Does It Cover?

Accidents happen. No matter how careful you are, they do, especially when you least expect them. While on vacation, a fall from a ladder or a common sports injury can happen at any time. And beyond the injury, the cost of paying for an accident can be a serious pain. Medical expenses are one of the biggest financial hardships for Americans every year. Accidents are no exception to these expenses: Americans visit the doctor on average 68.2 million times a year to treat injuries. But beyond covering medical expenses, your... Read More

The Added Benefits of Your Benefits

We all know the value of having good health insurance benefits. However, many people neglect to realize that their ‘benefits’ extend way past just coverage for preventative care or major medical and dental expenses, with a lot of people not taking advantage of everything their plan offers. It’s not just about paying the bulk of your doctor visit and lab test bills; your plan can actually help you save money while getting or staying healthy. Call your health insurer or check their website to see if your health plan offers... Read More

Are Mental Health Treatments Covered by Health Insurance?

According to State of Mental Health in America 2018’s report, more than 40 million Americans have a mental health condition. That’s why getting help when you have a mental health condition is really important, however, many people don’t know that they may have coverage for mental health treatment on their current health insurance plan. Although not all health plans are required to offer coverage for mental health treatment and services, many employer group insurance health plans do offer the coverage since health care reform. It is important to understand what... Read More

Accident Insurance Can Protect Your Finances When You Get Injured

Accident Insurance Can Protect Your Finances When You Get Injured

Accidents happen. Whether it’s falling off a ladder, throwing out your back helping your neighbor move or overestimating our athletic abilities, sometimes we get injured. And along with those injuries come unexpected medical bills and the possibility of lost time from work, and other unanticipated expenses.  All these things can lead to financial challenges as you try and figure out how to pay those bills. Accident insurance can help cushion the blow.. If you don’t want to be caught financially unprepared to handle an accident, consider accident insurance. What Is... Read More

Help Your Employees Be Smart with Their Money with Financial Planning Assistance

Help Your Employees Be Smart with Their Money with Financial Planning Assistance

Financial education is a hot topic these days. Money used to be a “taboo” topic. As a result many people have not had the opportunity to learn smart financial planning principles. As an employer, you can help correct this problem and help your employees learn to be smart with their money. By offering financial planning assistance as part of your employee benefit package, you provide your employees with critical education and service. You may also help alleviate one of the biggest stressors, helping to create confident, happy and productive employees.... Read More

How to Promote Life Insurance for Millennials

How to Promote Life Insurance for Millennials

Benefits packages are an important tool in recruiting and retaining employees. While health, vision and dental benefits are well at the top of the list, life insurance with its promise of financial security for loved ones, is one of the most popular benefit options. As more members of the millennial generation are entering the workforce, however, some are questioning the need for life insurance. A recent survey conducted by the Life Insurance and Market Research Association (LIMRA) shows that only two-thirds of the millennial generation, have any kind of life... Read More

Group-Term Life Insurance: A Benefit for Everyone

Group-Term Life Insurance A Benefit for Everyone

Employee benefits are one of the keys to attracting and retaining great employees. Health care is always at the top of the benefits list, but after medical, dental and vision care plans, life insurance is one of the most requested employee benefits. Offering your employees group-term life insurance is not only helps your employees save money on an important insurance coverage while protecting their families, it is also a benefit you can offer at low cost to the company.   The Basics Group-term life insurance is coverage that employers offer... Read More