Spring Training for Your Insurance

Baseball season may be just starting, but the Colorado Rockies have already been on the field – and in full swing – for weeks, using spring training to prepare for the competitive season ahead.

Similarly, we can all benefit from a little spring training with our insurance as an opportunity to assess how well we are prepared for the future.

Baseball puns are fun and the sport itself serves as a good metaphor for insurance. Actually, baseball is a pretty good metaphor for anything. Both require a team of players – in the case of your insurance, that means a team made up of good players. Both require one person to be the coach, coordinating the other players. Both have cycles or seasons:

Spring Training. Assemble your team of professionals. Make sure you have the right people in each position – skilled, proactive professionals, who keep up-to-date on comprehensive insurance offerings like benefits, employee wellness programs and payroll services, and are in constant communication with you. Work with them to create a winning long-term plan to achieve your company’s insurance goals.

Opening Day. Put your team on the field. At least twice a year, bring your team together in person or by conference call. Go over your strategy – is it in line with your long-term goals? Does it take account of changes in your company’s situation or economic landscape?

Playoffs. Here comes a crunch – changes in legislation, compliance issues, the struggle to attract and retain top talent. Highly successful insurance brokers know that by simply offering competitive insurance rates and services isn’t enough to attract and retain long-term clients. In fact, a complete solution to employer needs is a must, which is why Roper Insurance has the knowledge and know-how to provide comprehensive insurance services to your business. Relating it back to baseball, you need to check in with your team, refine your strategy, make sure everyone understands the new field and is playing the best game. And then, the season starts all over again.

If your insurance broker isn’t interested in doing proactive, long-term planning with you or to be available for periodic updates, it’s time for you to consider a little spring cleaning for your business and give Roper Insurance a call at 303-721-1145.

You are the one responsible for choosing your broker – your team – and for getting the most out of them. Take the time now for some spring training. It will pay off. You may not end up in a World Series parade down Market Street, but you’ll be a hero to your workforce.