Vision Insurance

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all see the world clearly? At Roper Insurance we can help bring your world into sharp focus. Nearly 70 percent of American adults use some type of corrective lenses. A visit with an eye doctor can determine whether you need corrective lenses and make sure you are getting the proper correction.

Regular eye exams also ensure eye health, checking for conditions that can lead to vision loss. And eye doctors can also identify other health risks such as diabetes, high cholesterol, heart attack or stroke and refer you for follow up before these conditions become critical, saving you both money and your health.

With the average pair of eyeglasses costing nearly $250, vision insurance is a very popular benefit for your employees and much less expensive than you might imagine. Most vision plans include annual eye exams, frames, lenses and contact lenses.

We represent all major vision carriers including VSP, Eye Med, Anthem, Humana and United Healthcare.

Our YourPlan™ approach can set you up today with a vision plan that is right for your company.

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