Temporary Health Insurance

Do you need health coverage but are between jobs? Or are you in a new job, but not yet eligible for benefits? There’s a health coverage just for you. Don’t let yourself or your family go unprotected while you’re going through this transition period.

Short-term health coverage can provide you with the benefits you need for as little as 30 days or as long as six months. While short-term coverage doesn’t usually cover pre-existing conditions, all your health care expenses apply to your deductible and co-insurance.

Short-term insurance, also known as temporary health insurance, can provide a vital safety net for injuries or new medical conditions that may arise during your transition period. Temporary employee health insurance is available for very reasonable prices with a quick and simple underwriting process.

Online applications are typically approved immediately and your policy is delivered via email within a few hours. Apply online today!

For a free review of your current coverage and to see whether a short-term insurance policy is right for you, call Roper Insurance at (303) 721-1145, e-mail [email protected] or Contact Us today!