International Travel Insurance

Roper Insurance’s international travel insurance offers a variety of international travel insurance plans, including:

  • International Travel Insurance
  • Short-Term Travel Health Insurance
  • Extensive International Travel Insurance
  • Company Coverage for international Employees

Whether you need international travel insurance for yourself, your family or your employees, Roper Insurance can create a custom YourPlan™ for you. International travel insurance is available whether you are a United States resident traveling abroad, or whether you reside elsewhere and planning a visit to the United States for business or pleasure.

What You Need to Know Before You Go:

You must purchase your travel insurance prior to your departure date.

Some international travel insurance plans provide not only medical coverage but also coverage for lost baggage, travel delays, flight cancellations and medical evacuations, among other things.

During certain periods of time, businesses can purchase more cost-effective travel insurance for their employees.

International travel insurance can be much more affordable than you might think! You can apply online for your coverage today. Click on the link below for a variety of travel insurance quotes offered through IMG International Medical Group:


For more information on your travel insurance options for both business and personal travel, call Roper Insurance at (303) 721-1145, e-mail [email protected] or Contact Us today!

Further information is available here for ‘Up with People‘ Participants.