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US Citizens: You will need to purchase an Assurant short-term policy (the second option) for the time you are in the United States and an International Medical Group plan for the time you are outside the US.

If you are a non-US citizen traveling outside your home country, click here for International Medical Group insurance. As long as you are traveling outside your home country, you will only need the international policy.

‘Applications’ will ask for a start and end date for the coverage. The rates quoted are for the entire time between those two dates. The rate you get is not a monthly rate! We recommend a minimum of at least $500,000 in benefit on the international coverage.


If you’re not sure about the coverage you need, call us today at 1-877 Roper11 (1-877-767-3711) or 303-721-1145 to help you plan. Our experts in international travel insurance will answer all your questions. There are several inexpensive options available and it only takes a few minutes.