Protect Your Right to Choose Your Healthcare–Vote No On Amendment 69

Vote No on Colorado Amendment 69

Election time is just around the corner, and this election is critical not only to our country’s future, but to Colorado’s future as well. We’re not talking about just the presidential election, but there is a proposed constitutional amendment that Coloradoans must vote on this year that could impact our state forever.

This is Amendment 69, also known as ColoradoCare. It proposes that we allow the state of Colorado to take over our healthcare and make it a government entity.

If Amendment 69 passes Colorado’s state budget will increase by $25 billion. That’s double the size of our current budget and larger than some major corporations. How will that happen? It will be funded by a 10% income tax increase. For those employed by someone else, it means a new 3.33% payroll tax for the employee and a new 6.67% payroll tax increase for the employer. For the self-employed it means a new 10% tax. And it means a new 10% tax on ALL non-payroll income for everyone: business income, retirement, pensions, capital gains, tips, annuities and social security benefits.

Colorado will have the highest state income taxes in the country.

And that’s just the beginning. Taxes can be increased annually as needed by the 21-person administrative board—and those taxes are not subject to Colorado’s TABOR, meaning they can grow unchecked, especially if the original estimates are underfunded.

Since business owners are particularly hard hit by having to pay both the employment/payroll taxes AND the additional 10% on all non-payroll income, it is likely that we will see an exodus of businesses from our state, putting a halt to our economic recovery jeopardizing Colorado’s economic future.

And did you know? There are no guarantees regarding levels or scope of coverage under Amendment 69. There is nothing in the initiative that gives any specifics about what will be covered and what will not. Those details will get to be decided by the 21 trustees, who are initially appointed, but then later will be elected. There is no provision that guarantees provider or consumer input on coverage. ColoradoCare would be an independent agency not subject to any kind of control or oversight by the government of Colorado, giving it carte blanche to do as it wishes with no accountability to the people of Colorado. There is also no requirement that any trustee have any knowledge of healthcare or healthcare administration, or any other knowledge or skills relevant to administering a $25 billion healthcare program.

Because it is presented as a constitutional amendment, if Amendment 69 proves to be the disaster it appears to be, it will be almost impossible for us to amend it to change its flaws and make it a workable system.

Your ballot will arrive next week. Protect your healthcare choice by joining us in voting NO on Amendment 69.

If you’d like to read the full text of this amendment, you can find it here.