What You Need to Make Health Insurance Enrollment Easier

Make Health Insurance Enrollment Easier

Individual health insurance enrollment is open from November 15th to January 15th. It’s time to decide whether you’ll stick with last year’s plan or whether you want to switch plans or insurance companies.

Whether you decide to stay put or whether you’re making a change this year, your health insurance enrollment will go much more smoothly, if you gather a few things before you get started.

While you may not necessarily need every item on this list, you’ll need most of them—and if you have them all—you’ll definitely be prepared to get through your enrollment with a minimum of stress.


What You Need to Make Health Insurance Enrollment Easier

  • Full name and residence address (where you live—not just your mailing address, though you will also need that if it is different) of each person you plan to include on your insurance.
  • Birth dates for each applicant
  • Social Security Numbers of each member of the household to be covered by the health insurance plan.
  • Company name and policy number for any current health insurance plans.
  • Name and contact information for your current healthcare providers.
  • Names and dosage information of any prescription medications you or members of your household are currently taking.
  • Payment information for making your first payment (either checking account information or a credit card).


If you are applying for an insurance subsidy, you will also need the following:

  • Employer and income information for each member of the household (for example, wage and tax statements such as pay stubs or W-2 forms). If you are applying for a subsidy (income-based insurance discounts), you may also want a copy of your tax return from last year.
  • Income information for any other income received by household members.
  • Information about healthplans offered by the employer(s) of any household members, whether or not they are participating in the healthplan.


Now that you’ve gathered all your information, you are ready to choose and enroll yourself and your family in a health insurance plan. The easiest and most stress-free way to research your healthplan is to choose a local broker who specializes in health insurance. Using a health-insurance broker will allow you to compare plans from all the carriers at one time. In addition, a broker can help narrow down your choices and find the best plan for you in a much shorter amount of time than if you had to do all that research yourself. A broker can also help you navigate the insurance exchange if you believe you may be eligible for a subsidy.

Roper Insurance is the industry expert to make your insurance shopping experience easy and enjoyable. Our health insurance brokers are all Connect for Health Colorado certified and will help you whether you are purchasing through Colorado’s exchange or purchasing another healthplan.

So gather up all your information and give the friendly and helpful experts at Roper Insurance a call today to get the right healthplan at the right price.

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