Help Your Employees Struggling with Addiction to Get FIT

Today, millions of people struggle with a substance use disorder that can adversely affect every aspect of their lives, including school, community, and work. An employee who suffers from addiction, or has a loved one who is impacted, can unwittingly drive hidden costs and challenges for employers.

Lost productivity, absenteeism, injuries, fatalities, theft, and low employee morale are some of the most common issues related to addiction. Some other consequences are increased health care costs, human resources issues, legal liabilities, and workers’ compensation costs.

Your employees are your greatest asset. Why not provide them with the best resources to protect them?

It’s clear that addressing addiction in the workplace is critical to running a successful business. Addiction is a health issue, not a personal choice. Employers can effectively deal with addiction in the workplace by providing quality resources to affected employees.

Employers have new tools available to help them better support their employees and address the costs of addiction at work. Face It TOGETHER (FIT) has an outcome-driven business solution designed to help both employees and their family members improve their lives while facing the disease of addiction.

FIT is a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering confidential, effective peer coaching for those impacted by addiction. As an employer-paid mental health benefit, FIT @ Work makes it easy and convenient for employees and their family members to access high-quality, long-term support with coaching offered via phone, video or text through the organization’s mobile app and even in person.

FIT’s solution works alongside a company’s EAP and health insurance and tracks HIPAA-compliant data to demonstrate a return on investment for employers.

FIT is making a big impact and its methods prove effective in producing measurable results. In fact, 72 percent of FIT participants remain stable or have experienced positive changes in their employment after just 30 days of coaching and an impressive 85 percent of participants haven’t used following their first coaching session.

Companies like GE Johnson, Encore Electric, Red Robin, IREA and The Daniels Fund have all recently signed on to be part of the FIT Denver Dozen and have embraced this pioneering approach to solving addiction in our communities. So, what are you waiting for? Give FIT a call today at 720-699-9268 or check out their website at