Happy National Small Business Week!

small business resources for success

It’s Small Business Week. May 4th-8th has been designated as Small Business Week by the Small Business Administration. As part of this week, the SBA has some exciting opportunities available.

In addition to these SBA opportunities, there are many local resources available to help you start or grow your small business.

First is the network of Small Business Development Centers. These are found in major cities in every state. At the SBDC, you can receive low-cost training, consultations and assistance for starting and growing your small business. Here in Colorado, we have 15. You can find links to the Colorado SBDC locations here.

Also here in Colorado, the Secretary of State offers many helpful resources for starting, growing and running a successful small business. This page has several links to get you started.

Other places you can go to get help and support for your small business are your industry associations, local business associations and local Chambers of Commerce.

Industry Associations can help you by offering training and certification in your field, ongoing training opportunities, the perceived credibility of membership and the opportunity to meet others in your industry who have more experience and may be willing to mentor you or share their business wisdom.

Local business associations and Chambers of Commerce often offer general business training and consulting. They also offer networking opportunities and opportunities for cooperative marketing and advertising, to help you get the word out about your business without breaking the bank.

The vendors and suppliers you choose for your small business may also be a good resource for success. For example, when selecting a CPA or  business insurance broker, choose one who can offer you sound financial advice on protecting and growing your investment, and who has the local connections to refer you to other trustworthy vendors. For example, Roper Insurance not only offers business insurance and benefits, but we also provide our client with HR resources and tools, resources and programs to increase workplace safety and workplace wellness, and we have a network of business advisers and suppliers whom we are happy to refer our clients to.

Providing your small business with all the necessary tools and resources will greatly increase your chances of success. For more information on how Roper Insurance helps their business clients increase their success–and how we can help your business too, use the handy Contact form here or give us a call at 303-721-1145.