Change in Leadership May Signal Changes for Obamacare

Change in Leadership May Signal Changes for Obamacare

With new leadership on the horizon for our country, one thing we can be certain of is change. One of the most talked about and contested changes has been the possibility of changes for Obamacare, more formally known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Donald Trump has announced many times that he plans to repeal Obamacare and “replace it with something better.” Just last week Senate Republicans introduced a budget resolution that would allow it to be repealed with a simple Senate majority.

There is increasing pressure to vote quickly on a repeal, though there is not yet any confirmation of a replacement plan. Lawmakers, policy makers and healthcare experts continue to debate and sound off on the possibility of repealing the ACA completely, repealing portions of it, replacing portions of it and/or amending it, but so far no concrete decisions have been made.

According to CNN, Florida GOP Rep. Dennis Ross told reporters they hope to “do as much replacement as we can get away with in the reconciliation package”.

He said they are focusing on measures including provisions to promote health savings accounts, and removing the financial penalty for those who don’t enroll in Obamacare.

Republican leaders are also focused on creating a smooth transition that will not result in the cancellation of insurance policies.

These changes are not without controversy, even within the two parties. Some are in favor of an immediate repeal while working out the options for replacement legislation, while other leaders believe no repeal should happen without the simultaneous passage of a replacement healthcare plan.

In addition, we’re seeing divergent opinions and conflicting reports throughout the media, depending on who is doing the talking. Obamacare has never been without controversy, and has deeply divided our country since its enactment nearly seven years ago.

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