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The ‘Benefits’ of Accident Insurance and How It Can Supplement Your Health Insurance Policy

Do you know what benefits you are entitled to if you have an accident insurance policy? Let’s break things down… an accident insurance policy pays out a lump sum if you incur specific kinds of injury as a result of an accident. Similar to, but legally distinct from health insurance, accident insurance complements disability insurance by allowing you to claim benefits even if the injuries you incur do not keep you out of work. Accident insurance may also complement health insurance if an accident causes you to have medical expenses... Read More

Consolidating Your Payroll and Benefits Services Is Good For Business

Everyone likes getting two things for the price of one. So, why is your organization paying to use a payroll company when you can get the same management services along with a broker who is committed to helping you make informed benefits decisions based on your company’s needs? Highly successful insurance brokers know that by simply offering competitive insurance rates and services isn’t enough to attract and retain long-term clients. In this evolving benefits environment – combined with Health Care Reform and compliance – offering payroll in addition to benefits... Read More

New Year, New Broker. How a Great Insurance Broker Can Make All the Difference This Year

As we ring in the New Year, it’s time to be resolute about making healthy changes in our lives and our relationships – even our professional ones.  Is it time to reconsider the current relationship you have with your broker? The fact is, a subpar relationship with a benefits broker can cause employers to overlook opportunities to manage costs and improve employees’ satisfaction with their benefits package. If you decide to hire a new broker, preparation is key. An employer that understands the needs of their workforce and has a... Read More

What You Need to Know About 2019 Affordable Care Act Reporting

Winter is here, which means it’s time for plaid, twinkle lights and figgy pudding. But there’s something else on HR managers’ minds this time of year: The Affordable Care Act (ACA). Whether it’s open enrollment, tax forms, or benefits eligibility, ACA compliance is probably on your radar. As a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, signed by the president in December 2017, the individual mandate penalty will reduce to $0 for the first time in 2019. The Affordable Care Act consists of two mandates: the individual mandate and the... Read More

Umbrella Insurance for Your Business and Peace of Mind

Umbrellas provide protection against more than just inclement weather. In a culture where litigation is commonplace, business owners have many more worries than making profits and retaining top employees. If your product injures a consumer, your organization could face a devastating lawsuit, exponential damages and a tainted reputation inthe marketplace. To assist with the financial burden of a claim, many business owners purchase commercial umbrella insurance on top of their standard commercial general liability (CGL) insurance policies. Most CGL policies have an aggregate limit that, once exhausted, will not cover... Read More

The 411 on Open Enrollment 2019: Educating and Empowering Your Employees

Open enrollment is a period of time each year when employers permit new employees to enroll in a health plan and allow current employees to make changes to their existing medical coverage. During open enrollment, employees may decide to change plans, add or drop a dependent or add an optional benefit, such as a dental plan. When it comes to open enrollment, effective communication is key. Employers can assist employees during open enrollment by distributing materials that explain new health options and changes to existing benefits. Here’s how… Open Enrollment... Read More

How to Save For Your Retirement

How to Save For Your Retirement

Starting a retirement savings plan can be a daunting prospect. Developing the habit of putting money into savings each month is a good place to start.  Knowing how to save for your retirement so your money grows safely is essential to meet your retirement goals. Here are a few of the places you may want to consider as part of your retirement investments: Savings accounts, money market mutual funds, certificates of deposit (CDs) and U.S. Treasury bills. These are often referred to as cash or cash equivalents because you can... Read More

How To Ensure Data Privacy And Cyber Security

How To Ensure Data Privacy And Cyber Security

As we store more and more of our information digitally, especially in the business world, companies need to be aware of and take proper measures to ensure data privacy and cyber security. This applies to both internal company and employee records, and customer data. It is the responsibility of the business owners to protect this critical data, especially to ensure data privacy for their clients. Failing to do so can result in a data breach, which costs companies billions of dollars every year. Understanding the risks involved with data security... Read More

How A Self-Funded Health Plan Can Work for You

How A Self-Funded Health Plan Can Work for You

Self-funded health plans are becoming an increasingly popular way to provide health benefits to your employees. Self-funded health plans are an alternative to working with a traditional health insurance provider for companies that want to be able to self-manage their employees care. Most often, rather than hiring additional staff to manage the day-to-day workings of the plan, companies will contract with a plan administrator, who will actually work with employees and providers to provide care and make sure claims are evaluated and paid properly and timely. While a self-funded health... Read More