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Serious Workplace Injuries: When Are You Required to Report to OSHA?

Serious Workplace Injuries: When Are You Required to Report to OSHA?

Serious workplace injuries can be complicated. When an employee is seriously injured—or worse–on the job, our priority is usually providing the medical attention they need, reassuring and dealing with other employees and notifying family members when necessary. Making an OSHA report isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH Act) requires covered employers to report certain work-related injuries and illnesses to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA is a part of the U.S. Department of Labor and is... Read More

Position Your Business for Success This Year

Position Your Business for Success this Year

Happy New Year! The holidays have come to an end and now is the time most of us turn our attention to our plans for the year. Have you already set your goals and direction for your business this year? Some business owners had them set months ago and some are still working out the details and direction while they recover from the year-end and holiday rush. Either way, here are three areas to work on if you want to position your business for success this year—and every year.  ... Read More

6 Easy Steps That Will Help You Achieve Success This Year

6 Easy Steps That Will Help You Achieve Success This Year

It’s that time of year again–time to put in place your plans and goals for success in the coming year. You’ve probably already read too many articles that tell you why you set New Year’s Resolutions or not set New Year’s Resolutions and how they help or hurt you. But the fact is, we all need to have a plan in place to accomplish the success we’re looking for. So, however you label it: success plan, New Year’s resolution, goal, strategy, there are definitely things you can do to increase your chances... Read More

How to Protect Your Company Against Employment Lawsuits


As a business owner, your goal is to hire the most qualified employees. Unfortunately not every hiring decision goes as planned. Even if an employee is terminated for legitimate reasons— such as poor attendance or unsatisfactory work habits—every termination opens the door for a potential lawsuit. Read one business owner’s experience and then learn how employment practice liability insurance (EPLI) can help protect you and your company from costly, frivolous lawsuits. When Mary, a Colorado business owner, received a complaint that her sales manager made crude, disparaging remarks to a... Read More

What Every Employer Must Know About Their Group Health Plans

What Every Employer Must Know About Their Group Health Plans

Open enrollment for 2017 insurance plans is just around the corner. If you haven’t already started preparing for your employees’ enrollment in the 2017 group health plans, it’s definitely time to get started. Do you know what you need to know for a successful open enrollment this year?     What Do You Need to Know as an Employer for Open Enrollment? Do you have a grandfathered plan? Knowing whether or not you have a grandfathered plan is critical to making sure you are following the right guidelines. It’s also... Read More

Protect Your Right to Choose Your Healthcare–Vote No On Amendment 69

Vote No on Colorado Amendment 69

Election time is just around the corner, and this election is critical not only to our country’s future, but to Colorado’s future as well. We’re not talking about just the presidential election, but there is a proposed constitutional amendment that Coloradoans must vote on this year that could impact our state forever. This is Amendment 69, also known as ColoradoCare. It proposes that we allow the state of Colorado to take over our healthcare and make it a government entity. If Amendment 69 passes Colorado’s state budget will increase by... Read More

8 Easy Steps to More Secure Passwords Now–Infographic

8 Easy Steps to More Secure Passwords Now

Are you an easy target for password hackers? Were you aware that more than half of all corporate data breaches are caused by weak or stolen passwords? According to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report  63% of company data breaches happen because of weak or stolen passwords. Did you know that the average Internet user has 25 accounts to maintain? Despite the large number of accounts, most users only use an average of 6.5 different passwords to protect them, according to a Microsoft study. With identity theft and data breaches an ever-growing... Read More

Smart Phones Can Create Cyber Risks–Are You Protected?

Smart Phones Can Create Cyber Risks--Are You Protected

Smartphones and tablets have become essential in the modern business world. As usage soars, it is increasingly important to protect your company from mobile threats. The need for phone security is no different from the need for a well-protected computer network. According to computer security software company McAfee, cyber attacks on mobile devices increased by almost 600 percent from 2011 to 2012 and show no signs of slowing. Gone are the days when the most sensitive information on an employee’s phone was contact names and phone numbers. Now a smartphone... Read More

Top 10 Threats to Small Businesses—Part 2

threats to small businesses

Top 10 Threats to Small Businesses—Part 2 In our last post, we outlined some of the potential threats to small businesses. In order to develop a plan to manage and minimize risk, it is important to first know what those risks are. Some small business threats may be obvious such as theft, vandalism or fire hazards. Other risks are not so readily visible, such as the possibility of work injuries, data breaches or other legal risks. Part 2 of our Top 10 threats to small businesses outlines five more threats... Read More

Top 10 Threats to Small Businesses—Part 1

threats to small business

Optimism is the fuel that drives the entrepreneurial spirit, so it isn’t surprising that most small business owners consider themselves optimists. Too much optimism, however, can get a small business owner into trouble. A business plan built solely on the “best case scenario” is like a house of cards—one gust of wind (or fire or wrongful termination lawsuit) and the entire business can come crashing down. That’s why smart business owners temper their innate optimism with a healthy dose of reality. In other words, they learn to manage risk. The... Read More