Secure the Safety of Your Business with a Cyber Security Policy

Did you know that seven in ten businesses aren’t prepared for a cyber attack? Today’s dependence on technology opens up a world of possibilities but also raises some cyber protection concerns. Threats of data breaches and computer hacks are real for all businesses – big and small – and while big firms incur the highest costs, the financial impact of cyber-attacks is disproportionately greater for small businesses. If you haven’t already, it’s time to consider investing in a good cyber insurance policy. Cyber security insurance protects businesses against targeted attacks... Read More

Can You Insure Business Vehicles Under Your Personal Auto Policy?

As more and more people are increasingly running their own businesses, what does that mean for your vehicles and auto insurance? Depending on the type of business you own, who operates the vehicles, and what they’re specifically used for, you may be able to keep your vehicles insured under your personal auto policy. The types of businesses that are typically considered acceptable when keeping your business vehicle on your personal auto policy are: Real Estate Agents Consultants Lawyers Sales Representatives Doctors Most any business where you are still the sole... Read More

Prep Your Business Now for Winter

Get ready Colorado. The Farmers’ Almanac is predicting a frigid and snowy winter, with an above-average amount of snow. Keeping this in mind, are you prepared to keep your employees, customers, and business safe in a winter storm? Here’s what you need to know. Know What to Watch Out For When severe weather strikes, you need to protect your building or store, your employees and any customers in the building, and your equipment. Start by inspecting your building for any weaknesses that might lead to structural damage in case of... Read More

Insurance Spotlight: Commercial Property Insurance 101

Image courtesy of nir_design from Pixabay

As something we can personally attest to, commercial property insurance is something every company needs – whether you own your own building, lease or work from home. At its core, this type of insurance is designed to protect your company’s physical assets from fire, explosions, storms, theft and vandalism, or in our case, a burst pipe. Of note, earthquakes and floods typically aren’t covered by commercial property insurance, unless specifically included to the policy. How much does commercial property insurance cost? When determining how much a company should pay for commercial... Read More

Spotlight on Insurance: Worker’s Comp 101

Workers’ compensation insurance is a mandatory policy that protects your employees in the event of job-related illnesses or injuries. In our freshest blog post, we’ll give you the 411 on the value of worker’s compensation insurance to help your business thrive. Here’s the scoop: Workers’ Compensation 101 Every employer needs to ensure that the workplace is safe for all employees. However, accidents happen. Compensation insurance provides financial benefits for employees who experience job-related injuries or illness to reimburse medical expenses and lost wages. The policy is no-fault, so it will... Read More

Employee Attraction and Retention Strategies for the Millennial Generation

Finding and retaining talented employees alone can be a continual challenge for small business owners, however, it can be particularly challenging to attract millennial employees. According to a 2018 Pew Research Center report analyzing U.S. Census data, the millennial generation includes 56 million Americans who make up 35 percent of the nation’s workforce, It is projected that the number of millennials in the workforce will only continue to increase, with some estimates projecting they’ll make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2028. It’s no secret that millennials are the... Read More

Keeping the Scales Even: Tips to Achieve a Good Work/Life Balance

These days, finding the ideal work-life balance can seem like formidable challenge. With technology making worker’s accessible around the clock and a whopping 94% of working professionals working more than 50 hours per week, according to a Harvard Business School study, experts agree: the compounding stress from the never-ending workday is damaging – to relationships, overall happiness and even your health and wellness. So, how can you achieve a work-life balance? We highlight a few tips to keep the scales even. Be sure to unplug Technology can be a blessing... Read More

Things to Do in Colorado This Labor Day

Cool things abound in Colorado this coming Labor Day! Be sure to squeeze the most out of summer and mark your calendars for these events and happenings around town. Like to stay in the know? Whether it comes to events around town, your insurance needs, health and wellness tips or information on how to keep your employees safe on the jobsite, we’ve got you covered! Sign up to receive one of our custom newsletters. Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 303.721.1145. FOOD/FUN Enjoy Labor Day in... Read More

2019’s Best Work Perks

Looking to attract and retain today’s top talent? We’ve compiled a list of today’s best benefits and work perks that are attracting the best and brightest. How does your company compare? Work perks that promote financial wellness There is data that shows employees have experienced significant decreases in the purchasing power of their paychecks over the past decade, which is largely due to rapidly rising health care costs. Regardless of the reason, wages just aren’t keeping up with inflation. As a result, many employees find themselves in distressingly tight financial... Read More

Insurance Spotlight: Get the 411 on a General Liability Insurance Policy

For small business owners, general liability insurance is one of the most important types of small coverage you need to protect your business. This insurance not only protects your business from claims of bodily injury but also covers property damage and personal injury that your business might have caused. General liability insurance is a necessity. Without this type of coverage, a single event or lawsuit can cripple your business. It’s important to note that you will need to buy enough coverage to match your level of exposure and decide if... Read More