Back to School Safety Tips: Be in the Know

It’s that time of year again. Back to school. You may have already purchased the supplies and gear but are you up-to-speed on back to school safety? We’ve got you covered with a few tips to ensure a smooth and safe transition for you and your kids are you prepare for the upcoming school year.

  1. Know Your Password

Be sure you have a family password that you share only with those you hold dearest in taking care of your children in case there is an emergency and there are mix-ups about who is responsible for your children.

  1. Know Your Escape Plan

While most schools will have established protocols for getting kids to safety during emergencies. If you aren’t aware of these protocols, now’s a good time to get up to speed!  Additionally, you may want to talk about when it’s time to walk away and head home.

This is especially true for older kids – make sure they have a place to rendezvous so that they can be together and head home. Make plans with trusted friends or neighbors about picking up kids together and getting them home if you work away from home. It might also be a good idea to teach your kids an alternative pick up spot at the school if there is an emergency, and you want to get them quickly.

  1. Know Your Contact Numbers

If your child is separated on a field trip, or not with their teacher who has the class list, the possibility that your child is unable to tell emergency responders who he or she is can delay treatment or rescue. Teach children your contact information as early as possible – even a preschooler can learn your phone number with enough practice!

  1. Know Your School’s Emergency Plan

Ask the teacher and or school staff for a copy of their plan, find out what’s in the classroom for safety measures, and make sure the school has your phone numbers for contact. If you’re not happy with their emergency plan, elicit the help of the PTA to make necessary changes.

  1. Know Your Way Home

Get with your child and have a map printout of the area from school to home. Trace the routes for your child to use in case their way home is not available. Show approved and not approved ways home. Practice. This way, they have knowledge of alternative routes, and you know how they’ll be traveling.

  1. Know Your Friends

Make sure that you teach your children who walk home who are their friends and who are not. Getting in cars with strangers is NEVER okay, nor is getting in cars of friends who don’t know your safe word – make sure your kids who are new to walking home know what is permitted. Walk with friends for safety.

  1. Know When to Say No

Do your children know how to tell their friends no? Before and after school are prime times for kid to get in trouble from peer pressure and not knowing how to handle themselves in situations. Practice with your kids on ways to say no.

  1. Know Your Home

Many children are latchkey kids at very young ages. If you find your family in the situation where your child spends significant amounts of time home, alone, be sure that you’ve gone through safety protocols, how to call emergency numbers, when to answer/not answer the door, basic first aid, etc.

  1. Know How to Protect Yourself

Whether from bullies, strangers, etc., your children should know some basic self-defense skills and the safety tips to help them navigate difficult situations.

  1. Communicate with Friends

Talk to your kids about the issues they have at school, the advice you’d give about staying safe, and keep a means of them to communicate with you. Even if they are too young to carry a cell phone, consider a children’s smart watch so that they can contact you or other key family members on their way home if the need arises.

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From all of us at Roper Insurance, we wish you a safe start to the school year!