Accident Insurance: Luck is Not a Strategy!

Why You Need Accident Insurance

What will you do if you have an accident next week? How will you handle the medical bills? What if you can’t work?

Have you thought about it?

Or, are you just hoping your luck holds out?

When it comes to your health, your money and your life, luck is not a good planning strategy.

Unexpected accidents (are there any other kind?) can wreak havoc on your savings and your life. An accident insurance plan can give you a cushion to help cover medical and living expenses if you do have an accident.

Accident insurance is a supplemental policy, designed to work with other insurance you may have. You can use it on its own or you can use it to fill in the gaps left by other policies. The benefits are paid directly to you unless you tell your insurance company to send them elsewhere. They are also paid regardless of what other insurance you do or do not have.

Some of the things accident insurance can cover are broken bones, broken teeth, concussions, lacerations and other unexpected injuries. Accident insurance can cover you at home, on the job or when you’re away.

You can purchase accident insurance directly, or it may be available as a group health benefit through your employer. There are many options for accident insurance, whether you’re buying it for yourself or for your whole family.

Don’t rely on luck to protect your family’s financial future; protect yourself and your family with Accident Insurance for life’s unexpected adventures. The experts at Roper Insurance can help you find the right Accident Insurance Policy for you, your family or your employees. Just click the Contact Us link below to change your luck today.

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