8 Things To Be Grateful For At Work

It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving isn’t just about turkey, vying for that the last slice of pumpkin pie or fending off a well-earned food coma. It’s about celebrating all of the wonderful things that we are thankful for in our lives. Your job is no exception.

We spend a great deal of time at work – collaborating with colleagues, building client relationships, growing our skill set and hopefully doing what we love. Figuring out what you’re grateful for at your job not only provides clarity and vision on your role, but it can also help determine the next step in your career. Need help getting started? Try rating your gratitude for the following key elements of your current job. It will help you determine if things are working out, or if it’s time to move on.

1. Your boss. Your boss is a significant part of your employment – their recognition for you, their support, encouragement and interest in your professional growth. If you find yourself expressing thanks for your understanding, incredible boss, congrats! Be thankful and appreciate of that! Should the opposite be true, then it’s time to seriously start looking for a new job.

2. Company culture. Are you employed in a place where it’s a joy to come to work, you respect the company’s values, feel like an integral part of the team and identify with the company culture? Is your commute not only doable but dare I say enjoyable – a time to listen to your favorite podcast or rock out in the car? As you write your gratitude lists, rank them as to what’s most important to you, but really, the different aspects of the environment should be at the top. Ultimately, do you like where you spend the majority of your day?

3. Flexibility. Do you have flexibility to work from home when the weather turns grim or your kids are home sick from school? Are you easily able to make doctor’s appointments and take care of your personal life without feeling chained to your desk? Do you have autonomy? If you answered “yes,” be grateful – some of your friends and colleagues at other companies may not be able to say the same.

4. Work-life balance. Do you feel like you have a good work/life balance? If no, why not? As our work lives blend into personal and vice versa, it’s important to appreciate an overall balance. If you don’t have this right now, it should absolutely be high on your gratitude list – the one you use when looking into other career opportunities.

5. Salary and benefits. For many, this is at the top the list. Was your annual salary increase enough to make you feel grateful (if you got one at all)? Thankful for that annual bonus? If the answers to these questions are no, then it’s time for you to explore external options. Salary isn’t just salary – it’s tied to how you view your own worth and the message the company sends about how much they value you.

6. The work you do. Are you challenged, excited to present new ideas, pumped to begin a new project or take on a new client? Are you given the opportunity to learn new skills to excel in your position? Or, do you feel stagnant or bored? When your workload becomes more of a chore, you’re not doing yourself any favors by staying put. Work should ignite a passion and drive to succeed. You can’t expect a whirlwind every single day, but it should at least make you pop out of bed in the morning rather than want to pull the covers over your head. When you’re grateful for work, a lot of other things like a great boss, solid pay, benefits and flexibility fall into place. And when you have nothing to be thankful for besides a steady paycheck, remind yourself to never settle. You deserve more.

7. Your Peers. When you’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by smart, creative, inquisitive awesome people, it makes a huge difference in how you view your job. You like to go to the office, enjoy the company and probably produce better work than you would otherwise. On the other hand, if your colleagues backstab and undercut you, that’s clearly a toxic workplace. So, if you’re able to be grateful for colleagues who are your awesome work family, that’s a pretty big win. And if not, it’s time to re-evaluate your current situation.

8. Time off. Lastly, be grateful for time off from work over the long holiday weekend. Enjoy spending time with friends and family, even if you have to stake your claim early to that last slice of pumpkin pie. Unplug. Take a few steps back. Appreciate life and return to this list from a macro level, tweaking it and knowing you don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving rolls around to evaluate what you’re grateful for and, often more importantly, reasons why you should look for a new job that gives you more reasons to be thankful.

What are you thankful for at work? As for us, we are grateful for our clients! From all of us at Roper Insurance, have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday!