5 Ways to Keep Healthy Employees Healthy

walking meeting

Most wellness efforts stress the importance of helping your employees get into shape, eat right, exercise and stop smoking. But it’s equally important to support and encourage employees who already lead a healthy lifestyle.


You can take several steps to implement policies and promote behaviors that encourage and support already-healthy employees.

Establish a Smoke-Free Workplace

  • Establish a smoke-free environment in and around your company’s facility in order to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke. Offer employees who do smoke assistance in quitting.

Promote Physical Activity

  • Promote the use of nearby walking or biking trails, and provide a map marked with distances.
  • Encourage stand-up and walking meetings.
  • Encourage employees to regularly stand up and stretch. As little as three minutes an hour can help keep employees moving and healthy. Research shows that even individuals who regularly exercise cannot completely counteract the negative health effects of sitting for several hours every day.
  • Consider offering discounted memberships to local health clubs. If you have the space and a larger budget, consider creating an on-site gym so employees can work out on their breaks. Encourage employees to fit in some exercise during their lunch break, whether it’s on-site, at a local gym or outside.

exercise classes can keep healthy employees healthy

  • Provide pedometers to employees and encourage them to reach a certain number of steps each day or week. You could also start an informal competition for who can log the most steps in a designated amount of time. You could also offer an incentive program for all employees who reach a designated number of steps each week, month or quarter.

Offer Healthy Food Choices

  • Offer healthy food in the workplace to support health-conscious employees.
  • Offer healthy food options in vending machines.
  • Provide healthy food options during meetings and work-sponsored events. Even if a less-healthy food such as pizza is more popular, offer salad or vegetable options as well.
  • Compile a list for your employees of local restaurants and delivery places that offer healthy choices.

Create an Ergonomically Healthy Workplace

  • Make modifications and upgrades to your employees’ workstations to create a more ergonomic environment.
  • Conduct workstation assessments to learn more about each employee’s working environment (including placement of the computer monitor, keyboard and mouse, the quality of lighting, and chair mechanics). Then, take steps to improve their workstations to fit their individual needs.
  • Give employees the option of using an exercise ball instead of (or in addition to) a regular desk chair.
  • If you have a larger budget, or already need to replace or add workstations, consider installing standing desks and similar options that allow and encourage a less sedentary workday. Convertible desks that allow employees the ability to vary their day between sitting and standing are also an excellent option.

Create A Clean Environment

  • Monitor your facility’s heating, lighting and ventilation systems to ensure that they are in proper working order. Pollutants from malfunctioning systems can cause illness in otherwise healthy individuals.
  • Sanitize your facility often to reduce dust and allergen particle buildups in the workplace and to cut down on allergic reactions and illness outbreaks.


Although most wellness programs address disease management and help make unhealthy employees healthier, paying attention to protecting and supporting those employees who are already committed to healthy living is just as important. A healthy workforce is a productive and happy workforce. Any wellness initiatives will be benefit from leading by example. Be sure to join in with your employees in modeling and developing healthy behaviors and work habits.